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History of the Youth Summit

The County Youth Service was disbanded in 2008/9, saving the Council £4million a year.

We lost qualified youth workers, youth clubs and networking opportunities. Young people lost their safe spaces and the professional support they had received from youth workers.

Some groups like Service Six, NAYC and Lowdown continued and some voluntary organisations set up to fill the gaps.

In 2019, eight youth providers got together to discuss what was available for youth in Northampton. It was agreed to hold a day when providers of youth services could get together. 15 providers came together to share their expertise and reflect on next steps. The Youth Summit was born. This was seen as a collaborative across the town, encouraging youth leadership and the development of a youth voice. Our first annual youth conference, led and delivered by young people, was held in November of that year. 45 youth providers ran stalls at the event. It was the largest gathering of youth services we had ever seen.

At the conference the youth told us-

They often don’t feel safe

They want safe spaces to chill out

They want access to information about what is available to young people

They want access to sport and leisure

They want trusted adults outside the family to talk to.

Five years on these are still on the want list of many young people.

A Youth Summit provides a forum for young people to organize, network, learn new things, and share their hopes and concerns in a public setting, we see young people addressing the issues they care most about and that often affect them most directly.

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What is a Youth Summit, and Why Should We Hold One?

A Youth Summit provides a forum for young people to organize, network, learn new things, and share their hopes and concerns in a public setting, we see young people addressing the issues they care most about and that often affect them most directly.

We see young people playing active roles in addressing issues being a part of creating solutions.

We believe in the power of youth-adult partnerships. Adults play an important role in “creating the space” and engaging youth in planning, implementation, and follow-up for a summit experience.

At the Youth Summits all participants (young and old) are both learners and teachers. The hope is that an intergenerational planning team will use a thorough and fun planning process to focus on the summit’s purpose and outcomes (what you want people to walk away with )to create an event where all participants have every opportunity to share their experience and ideas, ask questions, and get connected to like-minded individuals.

By the end of the event, you want young people (and adults) to be excited and ready to make a difference in their community.

And obviously, Youth Summits should be fun for everyone!

A Youth Summit can have any kind of theme, from encouraging youth volunteerism to stopping violence. No matter what the theme is, the Youth Summit can, if done well, be an excellent opportunity to make a difference.

Some other benefits to holding a Youth Summit can include: ▫ Learning more about what young people experience in the places they spend time (like school, neighbourhood, family).

  • Figuring what could be changed to make those places better; ▫ Providing young people the skills and knowledge to make that positive change.Understanding how to connect with adults or others as allies.
  • Learning and sharing what others are already doing; ▫ Energizing your community’s efforts to support young people.
  • Strengthening the network of supportive youth and adults.
  • Reinforcing participants’ personal commitment to their community.

 Why should we hold a Youth Summit?

 Participants receive very important benefits when they attend a Youth Summit and leave with a renewed energy to continue to make their community a place where young people thrive.  And when a group of young people and adults gets fired up to create positive change, it’s good for the whole community!

A youth summit is a gathering of young people to discuss and tackle issues that affect their lives and the world.

Some potential benefits of a youth summit include:

  1. Empowerment: Youth summits provide a platform for young people to voice their concerns and take action on issues they care about, which can help them feel more empowered and confident in their abilities to make a difference.
  2. Skill-building: Attending a youth summit can offer young people opportunities to learn new skills, from public speaking and communication to teamwork and leadership.
  3. Networking: Youth summits bring together young people from a variety of backgrounds and communities, providing opportunities for networking and building connections with peers who share similar interests.
  4. Exposure: Youth summits often feature expert speakers, workshops, and other educational opportunities that can expose young people to new ideas and perspectives, broadening their horizons and expanding their knowledge.
  5. Community-building: By bringing young people together to work toward a common goal, youth summits can help foster a sense of community and solidarity, encouraging young people to support each other and work together beyond the summit itself.

There are several reasons why holding a youth summit in Northampton, UK could be beneficial:

  1. Youth engagement: A youth summit could provide a platform for young people in Northampton to engage with important issues affecting their community. This could inspire them to become more involved in local initiatives and take action to improve their neighbourhoods.
  2. Skill development: A youth summit could offer young people new opportunities to develop valuable skills, such as leadership, communication, and networking. This could help prepare them for future academic or career opportunities.
  3. Community building: Holding a youth summit in Northampton could bring together young people from different backgrounds and areas of the community. By building connections across different schools, neighbourhoods, and social groups, the summit could help foster a greater sense of community in Northampton.
  4. Civic engagement: Hosting a youth summit could encourage young people to become more engaged in local politics and civic life. This could help enhance democracy and increase participation in decision-making processes.
  5. Positive publicity: Holding a successful youth summit could generate positive publicity for Northampton, showcasing its commitment to youth engagement and community development. This could attract further investment and support for local initiatives.

Lack of youth services in Northampton, UK is a significant issue that needs to be addressed.  Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Limited opportunities for young people: With few youth services available, young people in Northampton are often left with limited opportunities for socialisation and skill-building. This can lead to feelings of isolation and reduced motivation.
  2. Risk of anti-social behaviour: When young people have little to do, they may be more likely to engage in anti-social behaviour. Lack of youth services can create a vacuum that could be filled with negative activities and behaviours.
  3. Difficulty in transition to adulthood: Without adequate youth services, young people can find it difficult to transition into adulthood and achieve their full potential. Adequate support and services are essential for ensuring that young people are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life.
  4. Potential long-term negative impact: Without adequate support and services in place, the negative impacts on young people may extend beyond their youth years. The lack of opportunities could make it difficult for them to integrate into society and find meaningful opportunities later in life.
  5. Lost potential: Young people are the future of any community or country, and a lack of investment in their development can result in wasted potential. Providing quality youth services in Northampton could help unlock the potential of the young people in the community and benefit the wider society.

Encouraging youth to speak out about issues they encounter is important because:

  1. It helps address issues: When young people are encouraged to speak out about issues they encounter, it opens up the conversation about those issues. This can lead to finding solutions and addressing the problem.
  2. It empowers youth: When young people speak out, they feel empowered in their ability to make a difference. This can help build their confidence and resilience.
  3. It fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills: Encouraging youth to speak out about issues requires them to think critically about problems and potential solutions. This can help foster their problem-solving skills and is a valuable life skill.
  4. It creates a culture of respect: Encouraging youth to speak out helps create an environment where each person’s voice is respected and valued. This can lead to a more inclusive community and society.

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